Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Smeared Ink New Release Blog Hop!!!!

Hello Lovelies, it's time for another Smeared Ink Release!!!!  Oh my WOWZERS!!!! This release is huge and awesome! Smeared Ink Fall release will feature 5 brand new rubber sets, and a new line of digi images that will be available as sets or single images. They will be available in the shop on Sept 1st and rubber sets will begin shipping on Monday the 6th. Take a look at these awesome new stamps!!!!

Aren't those totally freakin awesome!!! The set names in order of apperance are:
Build A Zombie (rubber), Creepy Li'l Grumpies (rubber), As Death (rubber), Lonely Boy and Puff (rubber) Glam Vamps (digi), Quoth the Raven (rubber), The Patch (digi), Part of the Pack (digi), and Gargoyles (digi).  There is one more digi set that is not shown here as it was being tweaked at the time of posting, but it's just as awesome.  Also there will be more released throughout the month! 

I got to play with Lonely Boy and Puff and I was so happy about that!  As soon as I saw the set I knew exactly which image to use.  The one in the top left hand corner.  I looked at him and thought that he was being viewed from an old manor from either a window or a set of doors.  The more I thought about him the more I wanted to make this project!  I decided that I wanted to view him from the door so I built my own french doors, and yes those are black widow buttons!!!!!  The cracked glass in the doors just gives it that old creepy manor feel, at least to me it does. I wanted it to have the feel of being alone walking through an abandoned creepy old house and then opening these doors and seeing this ghost with his spider friend(who is also a ghost) in the graveyard.  Am I making sense?  Anyway, I also wanted it to look like he was floating towards you so he is 3-D. 
Here are the french doors that I made using foam board and covering them in patterned paper. With the little spider buttons, I mean door knobs!!!!
Here is Lonely boy and puff.  The image was stamped 3 different times to achieve the 3-D effect.  The moon is shimmery cause I used perfect pearls on it to make it so!!! I colored the whole scene with every shade of gray copic marker that I own!!!  Some shading with some purple copics, yeah I know purple, but it totally works!  My daughter took these pictures for me and I think she did a wonderful job!  The grass and leaves make it look like weeds growing up over the door!  Yeah I know the bright sunshine takes away from the eerie manor thing I have going on but honestly how else do you get good pictures!!! LOL

Ok, now off to see the other projects that out wonderful Smeared and Smudged Design Team have made with these wonderful Smeared Ink designs. 

If your looking for some wonderful challenges, or a new outlook on art head on over to Smeared and Smudged.  Smeared and Smudged will be adding in a new challenge called the Photo Inspiration Challenge, and in honor of this new challenge we will have a very special giveaway of 2 G45 paper pads: Transatlantic and Fashionista (you can include a pic if you wanna). In order to qualify for the prize drawing you must participate in all five S&S challenges- Sketch(one or both), Oh the Horror, Rock N Rolla, Guest DT Challenge, and Photo Challenge. Those who participate in all five during the month will be entered, and you can combine challenges if you want as long as you post your project in each challenge thread so it will be counted. Also on S&S, the 31 Days of Halloween, now if you followed my 31 days of Halloween that Terra and I did last year then you know  what this is about!!!  If not you can find it here and you will be able to find all the information and ways to participat by following the link about or clicking on the 31 days of Halloween banner on my sidebar!!!